Because more than the remote gets lost in your couch.

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What's In Your Couch?
Installing The Hook Fastener (Velcro)
Attaching The Kit To The Hook Fastener (Velcro)
My Couch Catcher In Place And Doing It's Job!
My Couch Catcher Kit!

Who we are and how My Couch Catcher came to be

My husband is a disabled Veteran and I'm a mom and writer. After raising our kids and a multitude of "borrowed's", now the grands, a herd or two of pets, and surviving numerous house guests, we were tired of constantly hunting for items that had "vanished into the unknown", only to be found later inside the couch. Our packaging may not be the prettiest, but that doesn't meant that it doesn't work. If you have ever had to stick your hand inside your couch and not know what you were going to touch, only to get your hand stuck, then this kit is perfect for you. You don't have to have kids or pets to reap the rewards from the Couch Catcher. Just have company over to sit on your couch and at some point, the remote, keys, cell phone, or better yet, their loose change will slide down beneath the cushions.
No more sticking your hand where it shouldn't go, no more tipping and cutting the bottom of your couch, and no more hiding your couch from view with a full body cover.
I wrote our patent and it was issued November 2015. Patent # 9185986 We started making our first 200 out of our home, and then found CMS Sports to help with manufacturing.
We are a member of Chicago Inventors Organization as well as StartUP NV.

Did I mention, you can also find us for sale at Just look for My Couch Catcher.

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