Finding My Way In The Strange World Called "Business"

Writing a patent, and starting an online business were not really anything I ever contemplated.  Not even in my wildest dreams.  I always dreamed of being a mum, a teacher, a wife, a dancer... but no where in my dreams was there entrepreneur.  Yet, here I am learning as I go.  Honestly, some days, I don't particularly like the business world, but, I LOVE meeting people.  I love helping people and I do love retail.  When my husband first approached me about his "invention idea", I initially laughed at him.  But, he persisted and we met with a company who "helps inventors".  Sadly, all they did was take a lot of money but, they did write the Provisional Patent.  We were raising our kids on a Disabled Veteran's benefits and didn't have a lot of expendable money to be throwing at a dream.  My husband really believed in it and soon, I came to believe in it as well.  Here we are almost 8 years later, all our kids have graduated from high school,  2 graduated college, and for 2, life in the military.  Also,  I wrote our Non-Provisional Utility Patent and it was issued November 17,2015.  I knew it would be  hard to write a patent, when the guy at the USPTO laughed at me when I asked if "anyone" could write a patent?  Once he quit laughing, he said "Yes, anyone can, BUT not everyone can get it published."  Challenge accepted!  It took a couple of years, a lot of tears and phone calls to the help center, but they not only approved it, but issued it!  It was only after meeting other entrepreneurs and successful business people did I find out just how big a deal it really is that I wrote the patent and didn't pay someone.  So, now here I am, starting an online business and trying to figure out just how to get the word out about how awesome my husband's invention is.  If you are reading this, please like us and share us with your family and friends. 

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